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Episode 221: Hero on a Mission, Part 1 – with Jessica Burrell
Episode 22115th June 2022 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 221: Hero on a Mission, Part 1 - with Jessica Burrell

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast! Today’s episode is a double whammy of goodness because we are going to be discussing some really fun ideas for moving our lives forward, from Donald Miller’s book - Hero on a Mission, and we’re doing it with Jessica Burrell, the owner of Amplify Your Vision, the fabulous transformational coach.

Do you want your life story to be as meaningful as possible? Are you willing to take responsibility for your own life story? 

The good life stories take work. Our lives have a beginning, middle and end - like a story. We play many roles - friends, husband, wife, son, daughter, teacher, learner etc. - we are multi-dimensional characters. But within our story there are times we also play the role of the villian, the victim, the hero and hopefully the guide.

But before we go there, we first need to talk about our own power and responsibility. This brings us to - Who is writing your story? Do you think fate is responsible for where you are, for how your story turns out? Do you believe others, who act upon you, determine the storyline? Is it God that writes our story? As Donald Miller says in his book, if it’s fate or God they are doing a very unfair job.

In Hero on a Mission, Donald Miller says, “What if God has created the scene - the sunset, the sunrise, the ocean, the mountains. He has set the scene for US to create within. The broken nature of life is a fact. But, we have been given a pen to write our way within it. 

It felt right when he said, God isn’t writing your story, Fate isn’t writing your story, there has rather, been a space created for you to pick up the pen and write the meaning into your own story. We get to decide if we use colorful sparkle pens, we get to decide what we focus on, who we want to become, how WE choose to deal with the natural tragedies that arise from a world full of crazy. This is the gift of agency. You alone have the responsibility to shape your life into something meaningful. To learn from the setbacks and pain, to create with intention.

Tune in to the audio program for an interesting discussion about what it looks like when we play the hero, victim, villain and the guide. What energy are you sourcing?

Let’s start with a little definition and explanation:

Heroes are victims going through the process of transformation.

Victims believe they are buffeted by circumstances and they have no power in their own lives. They often give up, surrender to fate, believe they are doomed.

The Villain makes others small. They don’t seek transformation, they seek revenge.

The Guide helps the hero. The hero does not transform alone - we all have help. Lots of help. The hero doesn’t know how to do it all, because they are in the process of transformation. Here’s the cool part…the pain transforms a hero into a guide for others.

Donald Miller says, in the book, “Life is a beautiful experience and we get to participate in making it so….the idea that fate writes our story is a lie. We do not suffer fate, we partner with fate to write a story generated from our own God-given creativity and agency. And that story can be more than interesting, it can be meaningful.”

Join us for Part 2 as we discuss our personal times of sourcing the hero, villain, victim and guide energy.

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See you in two weeks.