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Falling Up Radio - Falling UP Radio EPISODE 44, 20th February 2019
Ken Streater ~ Time is Precious, Love is Everything
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Ken Streater ~ Time is Precious, Love is Everything

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Ken Streater ~ Social Entrepreneur

Ken's life has been one of exploration, writing, community service and being the good.

Ken Streater is a social-good entrepreneur, philosopher, and author. As the founder of Hooray Cafe, contributing editor to motivation.com, consultant to Fortune 500 clients, and international river guide, Ken has traveled, worked, and played in 50 countries. His writings are based on illuminating experiences in places such as isolated Siberian river villages never before visited by Westerners, Botswanan delta waters plied by angry hippos, and a stunned Hong Kong during the Tiananmen Square uprising.

Ken writes to help foster supportive and flourishing cultures. His books offer insights into everyday heroes who take small and big steps in order to manifest meaningful individual and community change. He formulates and shares ideas for our greater good, concepts born of interactions with wise elders and young visionaries around the world.

Highlights of Ken's show include...

  • Growing up in an orange grove in San Bernardino
  • Being inspired by the camaraderie on his first rafting trip as a teenager
  • Becoming an international rafting guide
  • Moving from fear to trust in todays world
  • The man in the airport in Zimbabwe when Ken's father passed away
  • First westerners in a small village in Siberia
  • Using rafting to build community locally and internationally
  • Saving four seniors from being kicked out of their apartments
  • Hiding in a shelter in Hawaii during a nuclear attack warning
  • Igor the Russian interpreter and John Denver
  • The Hooray Cafe - 20 communities by 2020 & the Goodness' Sake Project
  • 3 actions to be good now
  • Time is precious, love is everything

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Ken's Links & Resources

Website - Ken Streater

Website - Hooray Cafe

Book - The Gift of Courage

Book - Be the Good - Coming soon!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ken.streater

Twitter - https://twitter.com/KenStreater