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52 – Simple Tips on Whelping Puppies: Myra Savant Harris
12th April 2017 • Pure Dog Talk • Laura Reeves
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Myra Savant Harris

Whelping puppies is often panic time for even experienced breeders.  Myra Savant Harris, RN, gives simple tips on the do's and dont's of whelping puppies.  What is the green fluid and is it an emergency, to don't swing the puppy, to gurgling pups, to stuck pups... Myra covers it all. Author & Speaker on Dog Reproduction and Whelping, Breeding and Puppy Care, Myra Savant-Harris is a dog breeder and Registered Nurse with many years experience working in labor & delivery and neonatal ICU. Along with her interest in genetic research and experience dog breeding, she brings a wealth of knowledge and techniques to help you in your breeding program.She also is a sought-after and highly informative, entertaining speaker who had published several books.
  • Advanced Canine Reproduction and Puppy Care
  • Puppy Intensive Care
  • Canine Reproduction and Whelping.



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