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Thought Systems
Episode 34th March 2020 • Simple Happiness • Jim Ryan
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What is the nature of thought? Have you ever considered that? The answer is: “A thought is just a thought.” That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. Our thoughts do not necessarily have to become our reality. They become our reality when we focus on them or hang on to them until we make them our reality. If we could only hang on to the thoughts that empower us and let go of the ones that are disempowering to us, we’d all be a little happier. Did you ever wake up from a bad dream and much to your relief say to yourself, “Phew, it was just a dream!”? If we could only say to ourselves about our thoughts as they pop into our heads, “Phew, it was just a thought!” 

It sounds so simple. Let go of the thoughts that hurt us, hang on to the ones that serve us. In practice, it’s really not very easy. Why is it so difficult? It’s difficult because we are who we are—creatures of our life experience. We may have already lived twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty years or more. Over the years, we’ve learned to look at the world in our own unique way. We don’t see the world as it truly is; we see the world as we are. We have developed our own way of processing and filtering everything that comes our way. Our thoughts systems have been formed by the people, experiences and situations that influence us along the way. 

You have your thought systems, and I have mine. We seem to defend our thought systems as though our lives depended on them. These thought systems, which over time become our belief systems, can feel good or they can feel bad. Your job, if you want “simple happiness,” is to notice when you are hanging on to disempowering thoughts. When you observe yourself feeling sad, hurt, or depressed, you can usually trace that feeling back to how you were thinking about things. Observing yourself is the first step; choosing a better feeling thought is the next. 

We are all creators of our own thoughts. Our emotions tell us whether our thoughts feel good or don’t feel good. In our natural state of mind, our thoughts flow freely and easily. When we are stuck in our ego, which is driven by outside influences, we activate thoughts that can ultimately be disempowering to us. We can dwell on the negative emotion that arises or we can use it as a signal to reach for a more empowering thought. 

When you understand that your thought systems work alongside your emotional body, you can take control of how you want to feel in any given situation. You begin to realize that recasting your thought systems is a major breakthrough in your search for “simple happiness.” 





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