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Consistent Marketing and Sales Featuring Ryan Dohrn
Episode 58214th June 2021 • Smashing the Plateau • David Shriner-Cahn
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Ryan Dohrn is an Emmy award winning sales and performance speaker. His sales and marketing ideas have impacted over half a BILLION dollars in revenue for his clients. 

We discuss:

  • How to exit the corporate world smoothly and gracefully [02:20]
  • There’s nothing better than seeing plenty of runway when taking off [05:00]
  • The lone stranger at the gathering [08:50]
  • The person who can download information for you [10:46]
  • The difference in profitability between coaching, consulting and mentoring [12:54]
  • Three areas in sales to differentiate yourself and keep you on track [15:57]
  • Why business owners should stop being Walmart [19:08]
  • How Covid-19 can be the biggest up [20:47]

Ryan was one of the youngest managers to every work for the Walt Disney Company. His ideas have been used by Fortune 500 companies like Boeing and John Deere. Ryan is a drummer, a lover of GOOD coffee and is a closet technology geek.

Learn more about Ryan at and LinkedIn.

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