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Ep 005 Paul Grekowicz 5 Tips For Small Business Marketing
25th July 2018 • Local First • Rob Kochanski
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Let’s meet Paul Grekowicz,

Born and raised in Michigan, south of Detroit…cue Journey music
Attended the University of Michigan and earned an engineering degree
First professional role revolved around maintenance and inspection of nuclear power plants
Received my MBA part-time in the evening while working full time in a sales role
Got certified in Six Sigma
GE moved me to the Milwaukee area 15 years ago, and I’ve lived in the same house in Brookfield since
Worked as a pricing manager at Miller Brewing Company
Led continuous improvement efforts at Cooper Power Systems and then moved into product management, a practice which is incredibly challenging, poorly understood, and a ton of fun regardless
Came back to GE to lead marketing efforts for bedside patient monitors, learning more about cardiology than I ever planned to and in the process helped save my grandfather’s life after a minor heart attack went otherwise undetected
Most recent role before starting my own business was on the executive team of a local industrial manufacturer, where I had the opportunity to build a product management organization from scratch and re-tool a marketing team to drive improved results.
During extensive corporate travel, I always learned 10 phrases in the local language anywhere I went. One of them was “Another beer please” which necessitated also knowing “Where is the bathroom?”
Now operating my own business, I enjoy the opportunity to work with small businesses to help them grow by acquiring new customers.
Though I didn’t start playing until I was 21, I am a huge hockey fan and intend to play for many years to come (some of the guys I’ve played with have been in their late 60s, so I have a good number to beat)
I’ve coached soccer for the last 5 years with my kids and loved (almost) every minute of it.
I’ve been married to my wife Megan for 19 years (as of June 26, 2018) and we have two great kids together.
My approach/philosophy — Patience…it’s better to win in the long run. At the same time, always operate with a bias for action!


5 Key Points:

  1. Never, ever assume that people know enough about your business
  2. Don’t treat marketing as an expense
  3. The landscape offers some very cost-effective ways to market your business
  4. Know your customer better than they know themselves
  5. Have fun with your marketing


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