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Unsecured Industrial Loans with Keith McAslan
9th August 2019 • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie
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Background: Now that we talked about the importance of good credit in a previous Industrial Talk podcast, now let’s focus on getting a business loan for working capital, expansion, inventory, receivables or perhaps payroll if cash is coming in slowly. One item of note is personal credit is not weighted as heavier as the viability of the business for business loans, however having a credit score above 600 is key.

Business Background:

Years in business: 2 years plus

Annual Revenue: $100k plus

Unsecured Business Loans (does not impact personal credit or require a personal guarantee):

Loan Amount ranging from: 50k-500k

Rate starts at 4.99%

Terms:  6 mo, 12mo, 18mo, and up to 5 years

Business Documentation Required:

  1. Complete a lending application that includes information about your business
  2. Last 2 years business tax returns (all pages must be included)
  3. 6 Months of Business bank statements
  4. Business Tax License and EIN (If applicable)
  5. Articles of Organization,
  6. 2 months of recent utilities bill for business
  7. Driver License both sides (must be clear and show all corners of the driver’s license – usually a photo using your smartphone is best versus a scan)
  8. Social Security Card both sides

Time to Process and Fund:

Typically, once all the information is submitted the application is reviewed and can be closed in 10 days. However, if any information is missing, incomplete or ineligible that will delay the processing and extent the approval time.

Business owners seeking immediate capital to grow their respective businesses and either have no credit issues or have issues we have discussed today need to contact me immediately at or call me at 303-520-2493.



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