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Sales IQ Podcast - Sales IQ 24th October 2019
How to coach for sales results with Brad Sugars
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How to coach for sales results with Brad Sugars

This week we are joined by Founder and chairman of ActionCOACH Brad Sugars to discuss coaching for sales results and what you should be doing right now to improve your own sales abilities.

There is a heap of useful information in this weeks episode about what makes a great sales professional and what you can be doing to become one of the best professionals in the sales industry.

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[01:50] – How Brad Sugars got into sales

[03:20] – The inspiration for actionCOACH

[05:10] – Was Brad surrounded in sales throughout his childhood?

[06:00] – Some of the key learnings Brad learnt early on in his sales career

[12:55 ] – The importance of gathering information

[17:00] – Advice for people looking for some easy wins

[21:05 ]– The importance of competing against your personal best and training

[24:00] – The importance of a sales process 

[25:50] – The problem with today’s sales people

[31:00] – The best of the best sales people

[31:40] – What would brad do differently

[35:00 ]– Manager and leaders

[38:50] – Sales: Art or science

[40:00] – Being a professional in the sales industry

[42:00] – Biggest influence in Brad’s career