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Remarkable Results Radio Podcast - Carm Capriotto, AAP 9th September 2016
RR 150: Murray Voth – Freedom Consulting & Training
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RR 150: Murray Voth – Freedom Consulting & Training

During high school and college Murray Voth, owner of Freedom Consulting and Training, learned to service and repair both motorcycles and airplanes while he finished his commercial pilot’s license. After college, Murray’s research skills were honed while doing a community research project; as a result, he was hired by a firm doing research and development in the service station industry. That led him to own and operate service stations for the next 20 years.

Learned the repair business.
The majority of his service stations had automotive repair bays and that was where his steep learning curve began.  Murray attributes any success he has had to taking training from several major automotive shop management training companies in both Canada and the United States. Murray is grateful to the many mentors that influenced his life, both from inside and outside of the industry.

After receiving extensive training from a major oil company in Canada, Murray worked in service station dealer development training. His experience in training and development led to an interest in how people function. He began to think about what holds them back from learning and implementing new practices in their businesses. What causes people to change?

Learning break-through’s.
Murray has done extensive research into human potential and has the ability to synthesize this material and make it practical to apply.  His favorite moment is when a client says, “I get it!” or “I did it!”  He is known as an implementation coach. For the last 10 years he has been the senior trainer, coach and facilitator for a major automotive training company in Canada, and worked part time in the USA as his schedule allows.  Murray has worked with hundreds of shops and shop owners helping them to be more profitable and reduce their stress levels.

Helping people.
Murray considers it a privilege, and fulfillment of a lifelong dream, to bring training to families and small businesses. His greatest focus is on independent automotive maintenance and repair shops to help reduce stress and improve their economic circumstances.

A few strong concepts are coming your way:

Why do we refer our friends to businesses we’ve done ‘business’ with?

If car repairs were a regular bill to pay, it’s no longer a grudge purchase.

Who are the four stake holders for change in your business?

How do you SOAR?

Also get Murray’s 8 commandments of automotive service.

Social websites are the General Store of the modern era.

Murray’s Operating Principles

Universal Law of Free Will – Take Responsibility

The Right to Choose One’s Own Path – Create a Vision for the Future

 Power Of Intuition and Thought – Use All of Your Mind

 Freedom of Choice – Make Decisions


Consulting, Training, Coaching, and Strategic Planning Services for Small Business

Specializing in the Automotive Service Industry

Authorized and Certified GLRI Coach

Freedom Consulting and Trianing website here.

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