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IANWA HOF Podcast Episode - Making Every Day Count A Tribute To NWA Entrepreneur Brant Barnes
Episode 20423rd January 2023 • I am Northwest Arkansas • Randy Wilburn
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About the Show:  

We have been toying with the idea of creating an episode Hall of Fame for the I Am Northwest Arkansas podcast. We figured we would start keeping track of the most downloaded episodes we’ve shared and the episodes that impact the host and listeners most.  

While we are excited to share the first entry into our podcasting hall of fame, we are equally saddened by the reason that we have to do this now.  Two years ago, Mark Zweig, who many of you have heard us mention on the podcast, introduced us to a dynamo of an Entrepreneur named Brant Barnes.  Randy had the best time sitting with Brant in his Shelter Insurance office here in Fayetteville. Brant told one story after another, going back to childhood and ending up at the age of 41 with multiple pizza food franchises, a ton of rental properties, and an incredibly successful insurance agency.  

He entertained us so with his energy and stories. Randy even moved all of his personal and business insurance to Brant’s Shelter Insurance Agency.  The other thing that struck us about Brant was that he was always willing to give his time and talent to his teammates across all of his businesses and to special organizations.  He was a businessman that made a difference in the communities he served in.  

We lost Brant a few weeks back.  

He crashed his plane on approach to Drake field. It was dark, and he was in an unfamiliar aircraft.  Mark Zweig wrote a great article about Brant recently. You can read it here.  The letter is a tribute to Brant and a reminder that every day is precious.  

This episode is worth a listen.  Episode 119, entitled “How NWA Serial Entrepreneur Brant Barnes found success in authenticity.” will be the first entrance into our I am Northwest Arkansas Podcast Hall of Fame.  

If you need some encouragement and have struggled in business or life. This is the episode to listen to.  Please consider sharing this message with a friend.  We could all use a reminder of how precious each day is.  

Godspeed Brant!                     

All this and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.

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Original Show Notes Episode 119 with Brant Barnes

Brant Barnes Shelter Insurance

Shelter Insurance Website - Brant Barnes

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