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Salon Owners Collective - Larissa Macleman 9th December 2018
Getting out of your own way to grow your Business
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Getting out of your own way to grow your Business

Join us on this pop up podcast from our Collective Lunch. You’re going gain a lot from listening to the live conversation with the Salon Owners Collective founder Larissa Macleman and three very talented coaches; Louise May, Samantha Jones and Eloise Manning.

Listen in as we talk about Self Talk, Overcoming Bad Habits, Team, and the hectic Christmas Period bookings. During this Podcast we cover:

  • Fear within yourself and your team
  • Excuses and how to ditch the bad habits
  • Mentally showing up for your Team
  • Overbooked and how the average sale goes down
  • Bringing the Energy
  • Creating time to GROW your business



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