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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 189, 19th June 2019
Should You Grow A Big Podcast Or Work To Build A Better One? [Episode 189]

Should You Grow A Big Podcast Or Work To Build A Better One? [Episode 189]

Growth at all costs is a big mantra in the startup world. But does it make sense for your podcast?

This episode questions the wisdom of “growth at all costs” by taking a look at best-case and worst-case scenarios of growing your show into the top 20% of all podcasts.

For most of us, it’s not quite as lucrative as you might think. And for a good number of us, it might result in unforeseen business challenges down the road.

So what do you do instead of focusing on growth? Build a better podcast, of course!


A text-based and totally-re-written-for-reading version of this episode can be found at: https://podcastpontifications.com/episode/should-you-grow-a-big-podcast-or-work-to-build-a-better-one

Podcast Pontifications is published by Evo Terra four times a week and is aimed at the working podcaster. The purpose of this show is to make podcasting better, not just easier.

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