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Julian Brass On Why Your Anxiety May Be Your Biggest Asset, How to Reclaim Your Body, Mind and Soul, and Much More!
16th June 2021 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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In this discussion, you'll learn... -What 'Own Your Anxiety' actually means...2:50
  • Being vulnerable enough to admit that you're anxious and still crush the anxious task
  • Anxiety is energy
  • "With the right lifestyle and mindset decisions, we can all own our anxiety"
-.Julian Brass' journey as an anxious, young entrepreneur to now...06:00
  • 2008 Notable life: Solution to inspire young, professional millennials to live the 'notable life' with a well balanced lifestyle
  • Notable Awards - Awards for young professionals across Canada
  • 9 years of running the business, Sold the company in 2017
  • Had his first anxiety attack at the launch of this first startup
  • Pro athletes and musicians are able to take nervous energy and transform it into an almost superhuman performance
  • Julian figured he could get "athlete-level" with his anxiety
  • Meditative state, picturing the energy and transforming it into propelling energy
-How we can normalize talking about our anxiety...15:55
  • >45 million adult sufferers of anxiety
  • Most common mental disorder in the Americas
  • Be very intentional about how and when we share, especially in the workplace
  • Using Julians anxious energy transfer tools accordingly
  • Opening up at the right place at the right time can create an authentic, vulnerable connection between yourself and others
  • Show up without judgement, especially for family
-Top reasons anxiety may be showing up...22:45
  • Very subjective
  • A worry of what could happen vs. real life anxiety triggers
  • "Anxiety is our life alarm," telling us something is wrong physically or metaphysically
  • Physical: Too much caffeine, sugar, drugs, alcohol
  • Metaphysical: Our feelings, beliefs, energetic space
-4 things to do right now if you're feeling anxious..29:10
  • Try to get out of the moment by realizing that this is just a sensation and ask yourself, "What can I do about this feeling?"
  • Try to dissect a previous anxious episode to understand why it happened
  • Reduce caffeine intake, try Matcha tea instead
  • Julian's fun anxiety reduction idea: "The Triple P" - Personal Power Points
-Julian's key tips for reclaiming body, mind and soul...36:25
  • Shifting your self talk
  • Moving your body - anxiety is energy
  • Hydration - women should consume 2-3 liters of water, men 3-4 liters
  • Empower yourself with the ability of knowing your direction in life
  • The mirror trick - shift our mirror dialogue to something confident
-Julian's best practices...42:45
  • Breath and gratitude
  • 10 very deep breaths from nose to belly
  • "Grateful am I for..."
-What's next for Julian...45:35
  • Recently launched a new program to help people build their brand and a healthy entrepreneur mindset
  • Julian's instagram
  • Julian's website