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Episode 296 – Let’s Talk About The HUGE Convention With Adam Schrader, Christina Burgin & Jim DuBois
5th July 2018 • The Growth Vault Podcast •
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Episode 296 – Let’s Talk About The HUGE Convention With Adam Schrader, Christina Burgin & Jim DuBois

You aren’t on an island. Go hang out with the other weirdos. We need each other.

Adam has an MBA in finance in economics. He’s worked for big huge companies like Bank of America and has been a VP of many large corporations and left this to do his own thing.

Big profitable business happen by design, not accident.

Sometimes we get stuck in the day to day routine and get stuck in this mode. We don’t understand the steps to take and the order to take things to get to the next step.

Well, the huge convention breaks this down, breaks down the systems, the mindset, etc. It’s more than a normal industry convention.

You get to listen to specialists with perspective from a larger company.

We will focus on the getting stuck in the day-to-day. There’s no growth if you’re only doing the day-to-day – Adam Shrader

Entrepreneurship is a lonely road, we all know that. But, this is a community that is among the most supportive I have ever seen. It doesn’t feel as lonely. – Adam Shrader.

2 more people that I’ll be talking to Christina Burgin and Jim Dubois! They have a large commercial operation and will be teaching during the event as well.

Jim started his first window cleaning company in 1983 and sold it around 6 years in. Did a few other ventures and around 1996 didn’t know what he wanted to do and realized that the windows of a mattress store were really dirty. Pitched a bid on the spot and got the job. 22 years later, 7 figure operation with 40 employees.

Their goal is to dominate their market and they are well on their way.  Christina is president of the company. 

They’ll be teaching the how twos and strategies to dominate your market. Branding, marketing systems, and all the things.

The people are critical. The people make your business and allow your business to grow. – Jim Dubois

Ready to change your life and business? Listen in to hear more!

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