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315. Keys to Productivity with Demir Bentley
Episode 3152nd May 2022 • The Law Entrepreneur • Sam Mollaei and Neil Tyra
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Today, my guest is Demir Bentley, a productivity coach! Now, I am the poster child for someone who needs help in becoming more productive. I like to think of myself as productive, but my Achilles’ heel is planning. I am not a good planner. And that is where Demir really shines. This interview to me was personal and mind blowing. He has some really great ideas on how to take that giant leap, just one step at a time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 


In this episode, Neil and Demir discuss:

  • Demir’s journey from a background of burnout and overwhelm to being a productivity coach. 
  • Unique challenges the law industry has in regards to productivity. 
  • The necessary customizations of solutions and willingness to change. 
  • Planning your week to win your week and structuring it as a reward. 


Key Takeaways:

  • The biggest hangups in the legal community to becoming more productive are the billable hour and the this-is-how-it-is-isms. 
  • Leave everything you touch 1% better for just 3 months. And you will be better than you have been in years without realizing it. 
  • Making changes will take less time than you think it will - you just need to start. 
  • The smallest thing you can do to maximize your productivity is to plan your week every single week. 


"If you keep working on the things that you're willing to work on, it's just a matter of time before you get the willingness to work on the things you weren't willing to work on." —  Demir Bentley


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Book: Winning the Week - coming July 12, 2022!  


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