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32 – Katie Campbell: Why the Public Shows Up at the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show
24th February 2017 • Pure Dog Talk • Laura Reeves
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Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show Rocks!

Katie Campbell is a second-generation dog breeder and has been exhibiting and breeding under her own TAJI prefix since 1991. Though known worldwide for her highly acclaimed Basenjis, she is also a Breeder of Merit in Ibizan Hounds and Poodles. She has also judged across the USA and around the globe. Like many of us, Katie is an active member in an ensemble of purebred dog clubs, tirelessly aspiring to keep members active and replenishing their rosters. She does so with an inspirational message that mentors not only new owners and aspiring judges but effectively reaches the public to share our purebred dog message. As a member of the Seattle Kennel Club Board of Directors and show committee for Seattle Kennel Club’s upcoming large, diverse, and very public-oriented show, Katie shares with us how the Seattle Kennel Club uses media to attract gate and potential new purebred dog enthusiasts and club members.



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