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Spapreneur Podcast - Spapreneur Podcast EPISODE 120, 29th January 2020
Business Health Checks
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Business Health Checks

Giving your business a health check is so important! Taking time to ensure you are on track to meet your goals, giving yourself space to generate new ideas and plan for the months ahead are going to ensure that your business continues to grow. In this episode, Lynn and Ramona are giving their own business a health check, sharing their new ideas to generate even more income, and giving you the insights into running a highly successful day spa. 

 Topics Mentioned

  • Lynn shares her 20 for 2020 list
  • Spending audit
  • Gift certificates at day spas
  • Create momentum to generate new clients at your spa
  • Consider a pay raise
  • Six Pillars
  • Valentines day for spa owners
  • Ideas, ideas and more ideas
  • You need at least one business goal for your spa
  • It’s ok to promote your business

Resources Mentioned