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#86. MALESTROM Part 1: Jesus' Model for Men is Countercultural
Episode 8610th October 2023 • Our Urban Voices • Dr. Alfonse Javed
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MALESTROM: men lose sight of who God created them to be. God's design for men is countercultural.

Book Link: Malestrom: How Jesus Dismantles Patriarchy and Redefines Manhood


  • Patriarchy as seen in the Bible
  • Jesus as the model for manhood
  • Examples of Transformation


Carolyn Custis James is an award winning author who thinks deeply about what it means to be a female follower of Jesus in a postmodern world.  Her speaking and writing ministry is dedicated to addressing the deeper needs and issues confronting both women and men as they endeavor to extend God’s kingdom together in a messy and complicated world.



00:34 - Beginning of MALESTROM Part 1: Jesus' Model for Men is Countercultural

03:08 - Did I miss God's calling for me?

03:40 - What is God's vision for HIs children?

04:20 - Bible teaching is for men and women

05:56 - God's vision for His children in Genesis 1-2

06:23 - Cultural Rites of Manhood

06:42 - Cultural differences in evaluating manhood

07:19 - Men in the Bible stories embody manhood that reflect Jesus

09:25 - Patriarchal system has impacted every culture

09:57 - Patriarchy crowns the firstborn son with double inheritance

10:34 - Patriarchy tears apart brothers' relationships

11:01 - Patriarchy exists today

11:36 - Patriarchy played out in Scripture

11:46 - Women begin to move to the margins after Genesis 3

12:03 - Patriarchal system lead to all kinds of violence

12:26 - Hierarchical system with little room at the top and is not secure

13:21 - The calling of every human being is to image God

14:17 - Male and female is a blessed alliance

14:40 - The enemy breaks up this alliance

14:51 - Divine revelation on how to treat each other

15:04 - Humanity empowered to care for the world

15:54 - The language for the woman is "ezer kenegdo"

15:59 - ezer - God as the helper of His people

17:16 - ezer examples that are not husband and wife

17:30 - Ruth as an "ezer"

19:04 - Jesus taught a countercultural calling for men

19:46 - Jesus taught about justice, truth, emulating God's character

20:16 - Emulating models other than Jesus

21:08 - Paul and the Philippian women

22:31 - Jesus and Mary of Bethany

23:57 - the call for our Christian brothers

25:28 - Judah as a model for manhood

30:39 - End of MALESTROM Part 1: Jesus' Model for Men is Countercultural


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