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Five Paths to Early Retirement | E98
Episode 9815th May 2023 • The Struggle is Real: Adulting 101 • Justin Lee Peters
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In episode 96, we talked about the FIRE Movement, a group of people who are focused on early retirement, sometimes decades before the traditional retirement age of 65. They’re doing this by building their passive assets to a level where it provides enough money for their living expenses.

I love the idea of no longer needing a paycheck to afford my lifestyle and maybe you do too.

This is the 2nd episode in our FIRE series where you’ll learn 5 potential paths to FIRE so you can determine which path is right for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Selecting the post-retirement lifestyle that fits for you
  • A breakdown of Lean, Fat, and Traditional FIRE
  • How Coast or Barista FIRE could help you downshift your work earlier


What is the FIRE Movement? Retire in Your 30s | E96:

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