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Marrying Broad-based and Executive Equity Plans with Micaela Costello from CSL
Episode 51st May 2021 • Thriving Globally with Equity • Shareworks / StudioPod Media / Campfire Labs
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From Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, this is Thriving Globally with Equity: A podcast following companies as they break into global markets.

Implementing shared ownership in any business is a tough job, but running a global equity plan through 39 countries is a colossal endeavor. In today’s episode, we are joined by Micaela Castello, Head of Executive Compensation, Performance Management and Employee Equity at CSL, to talk about how the company brings its equity programs worldwide, why she reframed CSL’s executive compensation plan, and how they deal with different legal systems and tax regimes from around the world. Listen now to learn more about CSL’s commitment to making shared ownership a reality for all their employees around the globe. 

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(00:40) - Micalea’s journey: From working in financial services to her first day at CSL - “I was just struck by the culture of the organization and that every employee is there for the patient. Everything we do is about saving lives, protecting public health.”

(04:22) - Reframing CSL’s remuneration plan: 2016 scrutiny over executive compensation packages - “In 2016 we received a first strike on our remuneration report and under Australian legislation, if you receive a no vote of 25% or more for two consecutive years, then there's the potential for a board spill based on shareholder resolutions”.

(07:59) - CSL’s Global Employee Share Plan- “This is one of the only global benefits that we offer to all employees consistently and globally, which is fantastic, and we have really good uptake across the organization and our different countries.”

(09:46) - The challenges of operating an equity program in 39 different countries - “In addition to the communication and education piece, the legal and tax compliance piece is another one of the big challenges that we face”.

(12:04) - Getting effective information to every employee across the globe - ”Equity is complex at the best of times, so to try and explain things so that people understand the mechanics and how it all works is important for us.”


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