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Episode 3 - Changes in Listening Habits
Episode 317th March 2023 • Getting To Know You • Spark
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Talking Tunes

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In this episode of Talking Tunes, Kristiana, Adam, Jack, and Nathaniel discuss how their listening habits have changed and dive deep into why they listen and the effect listening has on them.

Prompting their discussion, Alison Barton from Opera Sunderland discusses how she listens and how that has changed over the years. She also discusses the impact listening has had on her and how it makes her feel.

“Changes In Listening Habits” was produced by: Kristiana Zunde, Nathaniel Jackson, Adam Jackson, and Jack Murphy.

The music for Talking Tunes is composed by

SHAVN. You can find his music here:

You can listen to “Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version

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