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Spapreneur Podcast - Spapreneur Podcast EPISODE 112, 13th November 2019
Plan That Sh*t Out
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Plan That Sh*t Out

We broke our ‘Don’t F*ck with the money\' rule! You read that right, we didn’t follow our own advice, and guess what, we’re paying for it now. On this episode of the Spapreneur podcast, we’re talking about some recent experiences where we went against our own advice, the impact this has had and why it\'s so important to stick to your business roadmap.

Topics Mentioned

  • We’re renovating again!
  • Follow the roadmap
  • We’ve been dealing with car trouble too
  • Chasing the money and not the client
  • Managing money
  • Moral of the story - map that sh*t out

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