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#54: Hydrogen Horizons: Pioneering Clean Energy Education
Episode 5423rd April 2024 • Earthlings 2.0 Podcast • Lisa Ann Pinkerton
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Hello, Earthlings! In today’s episode, we focus on the new technology set to redefine our energy landscape. We’re speaking about the potential energy of the future: Hydrogen! We met Max Accordino, Head of Business Development at Horizon Educational. We discuss the need to educate the younger generation about the value of hydrogen energy through educational play! 

According to some scientific studies, learning a new skill or concept can take as many as 400 repetitions to create new neural synapses! But, interestingly enough, if you make it feel like play, which cuts that down to 10-20 repetitions making play 98.5% more times more effective when learning something new! To fix our climate issues we need a new perspective, one that only comes from the new generation. Horizon Educational has been hosting the Hydrogen Grand Prix where children build and race hydrogen fuel cell-powered RC cars to educate children on the benefits of hydrogen!

In this week's "Restoring Our Faith in Humanity" segment, Indonesia welcomes its first sanctuary for farmed animals on Sumatra Island. Founded in 2017 by Loo Shih Loong and Sing Hui, Sehati Animal Sanctuary shelters 300+ animals saved from the meat industry. Sing's bond with five piglets sparked the sanctuary's creation. The couple's dedication, including pawning their gold, sustains the sanctuary. In 2020, Bali locals initiated crowdfunding to support Sehati, aiming for sustainability and growth. This tale of compassion reminds us of our interconnectedness on our marvelous planet Earth. 🌱🐷🌍

Key Topics: 

  • Innovative hydrogen fuel cell cars and student engineering projects: The program offers a unique platform for students to present their solutions to industry experts, receive feedback and mentorship, and gain a step ahead of their peers.
  • Hands-on learning and its impact on future workforce: Lisa Ann Pinkerton and Max discuss the importance of hands-on learning and resilience in students.
  • A hydrogen fuel cell racing program for high school students: The Grand Prix highlights the importance of the program in providing opportunities for students from low-income areas, to pursue careers in clean energy and mobility. 

Voices on The Show: 

Web Resources 

  • Watch the RE+ 2023 Hydrogen Grand Prix here
  • Learn more about H2 Education and watch videos here
  • Article on female electricians here

Watch students chat about their car catching on fire here

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