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The Real Estate Sessions - Bill Risser BONUS EPISODE, 29th December 2020
Real Estate Sessions Rewind – Emily Chenevert, CEO – Austin Board of Realtors
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Real Estate Sessions Rewind – Emily Chenevert, CEO – Austin Board of Realtors

Emily Chenevert was only 23 when she started climbing the ranks within the Austin Board of Realtors. Recently, she made history within the organization— becoming both the youngest and first female CEO in the board's history.

In this episode, Emily shares how she utilized a background and education in government to contribute to ABoR. Hear how she maximized opportunities to step up to the plate and embraced the leadership qualities 17 board members would soon come to see in her. 

“The reality is, we're gonna put the most resources in that middle to end, somewhat engaged through passionately engaged members… That's the person who's buying into our community and willing to walk that two-way street with us and frankly, that's the person who's committed to the industry as a livelihood and not just a hobby.”  

- Emily Chenevert [21:09]  

Top Takeaways:

  • Emily Chenevert’s Advice for New Agents:

Get involved in your association!


“The truth is if you want to build really fast friendships and relationships in this market. If you want to know what resources are available at your fingertips and have the best education you can get as you launch your career— that's the place to do it. 29:17 


Episode Highlights:



  • [00:38] Intro
  • [01:44] Meet Emily Chenevert- a native Texan
  • [02:33] Common misconceptions about Texas
  • [03:57] What Emily planned to do before real estate
  • [04:58] College and the UT Longhorns
  • [06:07] Her first job out of school and working with a developer 
  • [07:46] Leveraging her government background for real estate
  • [09:16] Working for the State Association
  • [09:52] Becoming both the youngest and first female CEO at ABoR
  • [13:29] Volunteerism in the world of real estate
  • [14:05] What makes Austin so special? Quirks, tech and more
  • [15:25] How the Association works with government contractors
  • [16:37] The ScratchThat podcast and other board initiatives
  • [19:07] Tech, serving members and keeping them engaged
  • [21:59] How Emily got involved with Inman
  • [23:12] Her thoughts on Inman content and curriculum 
  • [24:18] Emily's role with Inman Connect
  • [25:27] Her son's story of resilience
  • [28:10] Charities that Emily recommends
  • [29:02] Emily's advice for new agents
  • [29:30] Contacting Emily Chenevert 
  • [29:57] Outro

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