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Trapped Emotions with Guest David Delgado
16th September 2020 • The Shek Check • The Shek Check
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What are trapped emotions?

All our emotions affect our bodies in different ways and carry different energy within us. What happens when energy doesn't get to release the way it should? It does not just disappear or go away. It stays with us. It becomes trapped. How do trapped emotions show up in our bodies and our lives? How do we become aware of these trapped emotions? What can we do from (and with) that awareness?

Guest David Delgado (founder of Moksha- A personal development company) sits down to talk about his discovery of his own trapped emotions. Breaking down how they showed up in his life, his path of awareness, and what movement looks like for him now.

David is a UX designer by trade and began walking the path within when he faced unexplainable brain fog, chronic fatigue, and other symptoms. On his journey, he became immersed in the fields of biohacking, contemplative sciences, breath work, transpersonal psychology, subconscious programming, and other modalities. 

While we may not have all the answers, we have our own answers up until this point and that is why we talk. That is why we share. That is how we check ourselves so that we wreck ourselves a little bit less.

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