TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE With A Morning Routine For Work
Episode 22nd July 2021 • Rise Rebelliously • Britta Weickert
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Welcome back rebels. I'm so excited for today's episode where we chat about, morning rituals and a morning routine for work & especially how to make it YOURS.

It's what you need in the morning. It's what's going to make you feel better and you take back your day and reality, it doesn't matter what the fuck you do as long as YOU decide.

Rebelling, as a whole, is no different in the morning. 

You need to rebel against everything else, any outside source that is not you in your business. 

If you're rolling over and the first thing you do is grabbing your phone and looking at a social media message, Facebook, an email, a text message... 

You're letting somebody else dictate the beginning of your day.

..You're not letting yourself breathe.

Take control of your life. Take control of your business. 

So I'm going to walk you through the way I form my morning. These are not strict things to do. They are guidelines. I've got this toolbox of sorts, these four categories that I choose from every day.

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