Coaching Business Tips for Christian Coaches Series
Episode 5826th October 2018 • Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader • Kelly Baader
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#58: 5 Pro Tips about how to prepare and conduct your free coaching sessions, so you can close more sales and get more coaching clients.

Are you a Christian coach, consultant, or leaders using free discovery session to increase your sales revenue? Then today's video is for you. I will show you five simple yet powerful tips to increase your sales conversion, by properly prepare and conduct your free discovery sessions. 

1. BE CLEAR About WHAT + Value

You have to be clear about WHAT kind of results + VALUE you can produce for your clients- and formulate a compelling summary for them. 

Go 1 inch wide, but 1 mile deep about them. You need to know their current, urgent pain points both externally and internally.

2. Be Sharp about Your Positioning

Here's a Killer Converting Scripts to Get Them Excited about the coming session:


• We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision for the kind of XXX (RESULT) you’d like to have.

• You’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be preventing your success with XXX (the result they want)

• And you’ll leave the session with clarity, reenergized and empowered to finally YYYY (Get the result) once and for all.

3. “Spy” on them when they make the appointment with you 

So you can create a much better connection during the session.

  • Find any common ground to create rapport
  • Find any accomplishment to praise them
  • Find any areas they might need to improve (so you can bring it up at the right time in the right way)   

4. Get Organized

Create a folder for them on your computer:

  • Name + Other info you have found
  • Date you met
  • Conversation notes you had
  • Follow-up dates + note 

5. Follow Up with System

  • If agreed upon to work together, email them with a proper contract, payment terms, and ThankYou | Encouragement Note.
  • If not, get them on your email list with permission, email them with ThankYou | Encouragement Note; leave with a SWEET taste in their mouth. (any free offer you can give them? )
  • Depends on the situation, follow up with them with email sequence, and four weeks, eight weeks, 16 weeks if you have special offers.