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The Jackson Hole Connection - Stephan C. Abrams EPISODE 62, 15th November 2019
Episode 62 – Forecasting Mountain Weather with Jim Woodmencey
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Episode 62 – Forecasting Mountain Weather with Jim Woodmencey

In this week’s episode of the Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan visits with Jim Woodmencey. Jim is a husband, father, meteorologist, entrepreneur, and a former Jenny Lake Climbing Ranger. Jim first ventured out to Jackson Hole to work one summer in the Grand Teton National Park…that was 37 years.

In this episode, Stephan and Jim talk about predicting weather patterns, mother nature, and following your dreams. Jim also tells us about some exciting stories of being a Jenny Lake Climbing Ranger. 

To connect with Jim, visit MountainWeather.com

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