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10 – Jo Child and Political Biology
18th May 2018 • Earth+30 • Earth+30
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Dr. Jo Child runs an ER unit in a hospital in Santé Fe, New Mexico. He was a Philosophy major in college and is exceedingly well read in sociology, psychology and literature. He is a good friend and former neighbor of Mike Doolittle, who I interviewed on a previous podcast about Education and Sports in our Colleges, and he is the first cousin of my girlfriend, which was an incredible coincidence. Visiting us last fall with his family, Jo and I had a fascinating conversation about politics, biology, sociology, philosophy, and a host of other labels that you could throw in, all over a wonderful dinner. I thought he would provide an extremely interesting subject for a podcast. I caught up with him on evening while he was on vacation while he was sitting on a veranda at a resort in Nicaragua. He certainly opened my eyes to new perspectives, I hope he does the same for you. Please join our conversation.