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Paradigm Shift with Christina Martini - Christina Martini EPISODE 86, 24th June 2020
086 Authenticity in Leadership With Sonya Sigler Part 1 of a Two-Part Interview
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086 Authenticity in Leadership With Sonya Sigler Part 1 of a Two-Part Interview

In this episode, Christina Martini and Sonya Sigler discuss:

  • Sonya’s journey to becoming a lawyer and what she learned and accomplished along the way.
  • Her work with mentoring and empowering women.
  • The importance of having important role models.
  • The need to be authentic, have an open mind and mentality of inclusivity. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes you get to where you are meant to go by knowing what not to do.
  • There is a time and place for formal mentoring, but sometimes the most valuable mentorship can happen more organically. 
  • Don’t dismiss men as role models or mentors. 
  • Reach out to someone you admire, let them know why you admire them, and ask them questions, you might just form a mentoring relationship that way.


"We're all in this together and we have to support each other. You can't just succeed as a woman leader just by yourself or with the help of other women; it's going to involve men and women. Cultivating that support wherever it is, from a man, or a woman, or a well rounded group of people, is really important to keep in mind." —  Sonya Sigler


Connect with Sonya Sigler:


Twitter: @sonyasigler

Facebook: Worthwhile Coaching

Website: SonyaSigler.com

Email: Sonya@SonyaSigler.com

Blog: PractiGal 

Free Book: Welcome to the Next Level - 3 Secrets to Become Unstuck, TAke Action, and Rise Higher in Your Career

Instagram: @sonyasigler

LinkedIn: Sonya Sigler


Connect with Christina Martini:


Twitter: @TinaMartini10

Website: www.paradigmshiftshow.com

LinkedIn: Christina Martini

Email: christinamartini.paradigmshift@gmail.com



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