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Michael Rubino aka The Mold Medic, Talks About Mold Toxicity, Air Quality, Mycotoxins, and Mold Remediation
31st March 2022 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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In today's episode we'll talk about a very important issue that may be the root cause for many of our mystery illnesses or allergy symptoms: mold. Mold contamination can be hiding in our homes and destroy our health and about 10 million people in the US are dealing with some degree of mold toxicity.

My guest today is Michael Rubino, also known as The Mold Medic. He is a mold remediator known for the innovative way he helps people find and remove mold from their homes.

In his book The Mold Medic he explains the remediation process, from where to start when you think you have a mold related issue, how to choose a mold remediation company, as well as the specific protocols that company should be using.

Michael will talk to us about the dangers of mold and give us detailed advice on how to detox and recover from mold related illnesses and also how to make sure to keep our homes mold free.

To this day Michael has helped over 1000 families heal from toxic mold exposure and he is dedicated to giving us the resources we need to overcome poor air quality and create a safe home environment for us and our families.

In this episode, you'll discover:

-There is a serious lack of information about how mold can effect us...02:40

-A description of some of the dangers of mold and the symptoms they cause...04:10

-Long term exposure to mold has systemic debilitating effects on our bodies... 07:15

-Shannon's story: complete health transformation by removing toxic mold from her home...08:50

-The current state of research on mold and mycotoxins...10:55

-Particular tests you can take to determine if you have mycotoxins or mold in your body...13:25

-Locations in your home to check for mold (start with the toilet tank)...14:55

-How to determine if you can test your home for mold yourself, or if you should hire a professional...16:40

-DIY vs. professional mold remediation comparison...19:20

-Removing mold: how big is the remediation project for a professional...21:50

  • Fix the water source or moisture intrusion that is the root of the problem
  • Remove the mold colony (you can wipe off of tile, but drywall needs to be removed)
  • Remove as many mold spores as you can

-Mold spores: think of them like seeds from which more mold colonies can bloom...24:25

-What to do if you have become sick from mold toxicity...25:35

  • Remove yourself from the toxic environment
  • Properly remediate the environment
  • See a functional health or naturopathic doctor
  • Take binders, change diet, saunas, increase detoxifying ability, etc.

-Mold causes chronic inflammatory response in the body...28:40

-Home inspections are commonplace in the real estate business, but mold inspections are not...31:30

-The simple practice that has benefitted Michael's life...34:20

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Mold Medic Website

The Mold Medic book

The Mold Medic Instagram

All American Restoration website