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Top 5 Public Pet Peeves
Episode 547th June 2021 • Uber Cinco • UBK Studios, LLC
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Host: Brian Ernst | Nathan Hennenfent vs. Mitch Brinkman

The BizBear Boys gloriously make the world aware of what grinds their gears, rubs them the wrong way, and flat out steams em up good as they battle it out to see who is annoyed better by the general public. Get ready to boil along with us as we reveal our Top 5 Public Pet Peeves!

We gotta a special 7th inning stretch update from our sports franchise, the No Hit Sherlocks out of Elmhurst, IL!

And you better stay until the end because the drive-thru attendant didn't hear it the first time so Brian will loudly order the fast five fast food items he orders in addition to tide himself over on the car drive home.