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How Medicare Works For and Against You.
Episode 1614th March 2022 • Eldercare Success • Nancy May, CareManity, LLC
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Medicare can be a confusing to anyone.  When we need to help our parents out, many trip up along the way.  Worse, the more we age the more we seem to trust. Such trust often leads well-intentioned folks to switch policies because their older TV actor “friend” said they’ll save a “boat load of cash” by using the policy they know and trust.  Switches get made and many believe they’ve made the right choice, without checking any further.  After all, they made many good choices in the past, including, hopefully, in raising us. However, the right Medicare benefits are needed more as we age.  That bit of extra insurance, on top of Medicare, when selected well, can save them, (and sometimes us) from financial ruin.  Health stuff happens.

In this episode we discuss some tough challenges in making sure our parents get on the right Medicare related plans for their needs. We’ll talk about how to determine what to add and when; who to trust; what questions to ask; what questions they ask when you’re applying for Medicare, what information to share, and what to monitor and watch out for.  Also, just as important, how to fix missteps, what happens if you don’t pay your Medicare bill, and signup challenges that can cause greater confusion and financial loss. All of which aims toward making their personal care and well-being more stable. 

My guest on this show is Wendy Allegaert, a Medicare insurance agent who’s been in on those call center banks. She now counsels and supports many on how to help their parents and others, with Medicare and private insurance.  It’s a long and helpful conversation for all.   

Guest: Wendy Allegaert, Independent Medicare Insurance Specialist.   Wendy is an independent licensed health insurance agent with a passion for people, healthcare, and customer service.   Her special focus is in helping people figure out Medicare options.  She's an educator at heart and loves to simplify the Medicare world for her clients.    Wendy offers end-to-end customer service starting with the basics of Medicare, enrollment periods, cost-savings, comparisons of plan types, eligibility for financial assistance and more.  

Medicare can be a confusing puzzle, but, fortunately, Wendy takes great delight in helping clients put all the pieces together and create the options best suited for their lifestyle and budget!

Host: Nancy May, Author How to Survive 911 Medical Emergencies, Step-by-Step Before, During, After!  Expert in managing the path of step-by-step caring for an aging parent or family member, even from over 1200 miles away, or more. For a Free File-of-Life to Nancy is also the Co-Founder of CareManity LLC, and the private FaceBook group, Eldercare Success.

Disclaimer: The views, perspectives, and opinions expressed in this show are those of the show guest and not directly those of the companies they serve or that of the host or the producer CareManity, LLC. Information discussed should not be taken as medical, legal, or financial advice. Please seek the advice or you own personal medical, legal or financial advisors as each person’s situation is different. (c) Copyright 2021 CareManity, LLC all rights reserved. CareManity is a trademark of CareManity, LLC.

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