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Farmer's Inside Track - Food For Mzansi EPISODE 4, 26th November 2019
Harnessing The Power Of Positivity To Grow Your Business
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Harnessing The Power Of Positivity To Grow Your Business

As the founder of Farmers Choice, Andile Matukane, is a living witness that a positive attitude can open many business doors. Matukane, who is known as “The Spinach Lady” in her local community, has already moved mountains in the agricultural field. She speaks candidly about finding her magic spot as an entrepreneur, as well as some of the toughest lessons she’s learnt over the years. Farmers Choice has also opened many doors for up-and-coming agriculturists, providing much-needed mentorship. The interviewers are Dawn Noemdoe and Kobus Louwrens from Food For Mzansi.


Farmer’s Inside Track is a platform for South Africa’s up-and-coming farmers and new entrants into agri-businesses who need information and inspiration to help them start up and get up to sprinting speed as commercial producers and/or agri-processors. The men and women who have resolved to one day getting to the place where the large-scale commercial farmers are, but not really finding useful information on how to get there.

This platform is a resource of exclusive content and an online community that aims to support up-and-coming commercial farmers through that tricky phase of their businesses that comes between the starter pistol and finding their stride in the sprint towards the finish line.

At the centre of it is a free weekly Farmer’s Inside Track e-mailer containing a mix of exclusive content from agricultural thought leaders, business and entrepreneurship experts and leading farmers as well as a comprehensive rundown of need-to-know news from the past week. Also, it’s a great source for those on the lookout new opportunities and funding.

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