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294 : Richard Jalichandra – We are looking to buy 101 well run Amazon Private Label businesses and brands
12th April 2018 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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No this is not click-bait. This is a real company with real money looking to buy and operate 101 Amazon businesses. The key is they have to be well -run. What does that look like? It is not a business built on skirting the rules and creating false demand for their products. It is not a poorly designed or poorly executed product/product line. It is not a legal mess. It is not a company with poor or missing financials. You get it. If you have built a strong business or brand over time, you have a loyal following, you have raving fans (aka customers) who vote with their hard earned dollars then this might be the one you have been waiting for.

Richard is an experienced operator ready to build out a billion dollar company. He has the funding in place, the operation experts in place and the know-how to run a large company. Great guy with even better information.


101 Commerce – looking to buy 101 Amazon businesses/brands  


Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List


Scope from Sellerlabs



Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be getting better)

Stephen:                             [00:00:00]               I’m excited to talk about my sponsors today, Gaye Lisby’smillion dollar arbitrage group. Amazing, amazing group. This is a teacher. This is Gaye, she was a teacher. She is a teacher. Still. You need to learn. This is the type of environment you want to be in because she’s going to help you understand why, and I think that’s the hardest part of this business is understanding why. Why is the red one popular one? The green one isn’t? Well, there’s usually a reason and what gay does is probably parse that better than anybody and she’ll explain the reasons for those things. I think that’s really powerful. Yeah. She puts out a list. You’re going to get a good use of that list if you get in the group. Now here’s the deal. The group isn’t always open, right? So you get on the waiting list and you can join the waiting list through my link.

Stephen:                             [00:00:46]               Doesn’t cost anything to get on a waiting list and if you like her service, which I find that most people do that. That’s why there’s not so many openings and you’ll be with her for a long time and so it’s amazing. Freedom [inaudible], she’s part of Andy Slamon’s group, amazing Forward slash momentum and you’re going to get in to the waiting list. That’s all I can get you on right now. You can use my name and see if that gets anywhere, but what I like about it, what I like about what they teach in that group or the things that are going on, you know the current things. I’ve seen a lot of stuff going on about stores going out of business. Well here’s where an opportunity is. Here’s why you want to do this. Hey, be cautious about this. You know what toys are us coming out, you’ve got to think about this and that’s the learning that you need to do and gay is better than anybody else I’ve seen.

Stephen:                             [00:01:31]               So amazing. Freedom Dot com. Forward slash momentum will get you to the waiting list. Then hopefully we can get you in the group and then you’re going to see me in there and we can chat anytime you’re ready. Karen. Lockers, group solutions, the number for ecommerce solutions for e-commerce dot com forward slash momentum. It’s going to save you 50 bucks. Karen’s our account manager. We recommend her to everyone because she’s done so well for us. I mean that’s quite frankly the reason been paying her for last few years, but she’s become an important part of our team. Her and her team are so involved in our account. I just see the emails coming back and forth, hey, we did this for you. I just saw two listings today. I’m like, wait a second. Why did they show up? I didn’t put any listings up. They got a.

Stephen:                             [00:02:13]               They got a set off to the side by Amazon and they reactivate them for me. You know what I mean? That’s the stuff that just happens when you have a strong team and I can’t recommend Karen enough if you use my code. Momentum. Karen pays me. I don’t want to hide that. Of course we all know that, but you’re going to say $50 and it’s a great opportunity to really, really build out your team with somebody you can trust. That’s why I recommend them. So solutions for e-commerce solutions, the number for e-commerce dot com forward slash momentum is going to save you $50. Oh, and by the way, she’s going to do an inventory health report. Why is that important? Well, guess what fees are going up. Is your inventory health number declining like ours is? Well, here’s why and what they can do. What I like is I get a spreadsheet from them and it says, Hey, here’s a bunch of inventory.

Stephen:                             [00:03:05]               Here’s what we recommend. And I’m like, Yep, re refund. I mean delete a return us blah blah, blah, whatever it is and it’s or destroy and it just happens. That’s what I like. The other thing that I have Karen helped me with a lot is creating new listings. You know, we do. A lot of the researchers solves, we upload our images and then boom, magically the listing goes live and I don’t have to worry about it. Those are the services that [inaudible] offers. Can’t recommend her enough solutions for e-commerce dot com forward slash momentum. Save 50 bucks. Use My code. You save $50 a month every single month and it’s a great service. Plus you get that free inventory health report. I think it’s a really powerful way, so I can’t. I’m so excited how many people have been joining because I see it and I’m excited because the messages I get from people saying, hey, this is great.

Stephen:                             [00:03:52]               I finally feel like I can focus on something else because Karen and her team are watching this for me and I highly recommend her. Next up is scout seller lamps, scope. Then we’ll set it wrong. It’s amazing. I mean, it really is amazing when you sit back and think about, hey, I want to get this product up and it’s similar to this product and that sell that product does well. Well, therefore, if that product does well, they have the right keywords, they’ve chosen things correctly, so guess what? You scope and you could see all that stuff and that’s what the most powerful thing in the world is to copy somebody who’s done it right. That’s what you want to. You want to take advantage of that, right? I mean it’s, it’s fair to see and so therefore you can take and apply it to your listing and immediately get that same benefit.

Stephen:                             [00:04:39]               That’s what scope does for me. Seller labs dot [inaudible] forward slash momentum. It’s going to save you $50 on the service. Oh, by the way, it’s free to try. So sign up, try it and say, oh, this is how it’s done. Boom. And then you’re going to see the lights going to go on and you’re going to be like, man, I can get my products out there. I just can’t wait. Can’t wait. So we’re forward slash momentum. The other day I bought another domain. Yes, I bought another domain. It’s almost like A. I’m admitting guilt, but it’s because I had an idea and it was something that was a pretty good idea. I think it’s going to go pretty far and so what do I do? I go to try go forward slash momentum and save 30 percent. So domains aren’t very expensive. You get a few services.

Stephen:                             [00:05:28]               It adds up a little bit and I usually buy three years. I usually buy privacy by the way, I recommend that to buy that, you know, it’s not that much money, but when you can save 30 percent it makes it that much sweeter and it makes it easier when you’re buying domains and especially if you buy a bunch of domains. I am a domain collector and so I do tend to do that, but that 30 percent makes it a lot easier and I used to go down there because what I like is I can pop in an address I’m thinking and it’ll say, nope, nope, try this version or try this extension and then boom, there it is. Hey, you better hurry before it goes away. And they’re right. You know, and so try go forward slash momentum save 30 percent. Also want to mention about grasshopper, was that just talking to somebody the other day?

Stephen:                             [00:06:11]               And they were like, Oh yeah, use this company called grasshopper. I’m like, Dude, did you buy it through my link and save 30 percent? Hello? Know they missed that. So save 30 percentage, try forward slash momentum. No surprise there, but you’re going to save 30 percent and what the. The real cool part about that is they’re using it for their private label business and it gives them virtually a second phone on their current phone without having to get another number. They can make up a vanity number. They don’t have to go and do all the grief and sign contracts. Pretty easy stuff, and so if you’re creating a brand that you want to identify, you want to look professional, you want to look like a real company. Grasshopper is a great tool. It’s an app you put on your existing phone and boom, you now have a customer service to. You now have a sales department, didn’t have a manufacturing division. You could forward it to somebody else. You can have it go to different voicemails, different departments, and it’s all included. So try, forward slash momentum. Save 30 percent.

Cool voice guy:                  [00:07:13]               Welcome to the e-commerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people, the products, and the process of e-commerce selling today. Here’s your host, Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                             [00:07:25]               Yeah,

Stephen:                             [00:07:27]               welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast. This is episode 294, Richard Jello. Chandra Richard is the CEO of [inaudible] commerce. [inaudible] hyphen commerce is the website and I’ll have that link out there, but Richard is. He’s got an amazing pedigree. I mean, listen to the episode. You’ll hear all the different places he worked with the CEO. So many different companies has so much experience and it’s so cool when you listen to somebody and you can look back and you see it. I can hear the way he talks. He’s talking about those things in his life that had brought him to where he is and he has an eye for it and so it gets what they want to buy a hundred and one and it’s the name hundred and one commerce. Amazon businesses, that’s what they want. Niche sites and it’s funny you in some point in the conversation we get to that there’s 19,000 million dollar stores out there selling and they’re looking for a hundred and one, so that means they’re going to say no 18,000, 900 times.

Stephen:                             [00:08:22]               So you’ve got to understand that. And he was talking about managing expectations, but those high performing, those really well run that well run business as he described it later on in the podcast really has an opportunity, probably not much else. They have an opportunity right now. Here’s a company with boatloads of cash looking to acquire a lot of companies very quickly, you know, they’re in due diligence phase, I think he said six and another six and they’re looking to acquire a dozen businesses. So if this is an opportunity for you to sit back and say, you know what, I’ve been thinking about that. I wonder if I should the tires. I’m wondering if it’s worth me checking it out. And I think it is. If you meet some of the requirements and we get into some of the detail, I try to anticipate the questions you have.

Stephen:                             [00:09:04]               So I think I’d got through most of them, but it’s [inaudible] hyphen website down the bottom is a place you can put in your information and I get to that. Let’s get it into the podcast. Really good stuff. All right. Welcome back to the e-commerce movement and podcast. Very excited about today’s guest because he brings a breadth of experience is probably unmatched for anybody I’ve interviewed. I mean, he’s definitely a. had a career in ecommerce. I think that’s putting it mildly. A Richard Gela, Chandran [inaudible] Chandran. How do they do? Richard? You do very, very well. Is that tie? Yes. Nice. So Richard, I’m going to read, I’m going to indulge a little bit and read a little bit of your bio because I just think people need to understand the complexity of what you’ve done because when we met, uh, one of your staff members in Vegas, uh, we were all taken back because all of a sudden investment is coming to Amazon sellers and we’re all like, Huh.

Stephen:                             [00:10:02]               And then, you know, we’re so divorced from that. So in your world, this is every person you probably meet for coffee a, let’s say you worked for a Clickbank, you had just a little job as chairman of the clickbank general partner of incline capital investments. Are you still with incline? My family office, he was the CEO of bodybuilding [inaudible] and I went and Four hundred and 20,000,000. Now. How many employees would that have had A. I had 100 employees now. I mean think about that though. Just that statement. Four hundred and 20,000,000 with 800 employees. You couldn’t have done that back in the day anyway. All right. And so we have eye socket map. My fitness technorati um, but he had a voice. He did voiceovers. I’m interested in that. I love that photographer, copywriter, car salesmen a. These are the glamorous positions. Now I’m describing some travel writer at the uh, did those define you later on? I mean, you could, you could, you could lose that.

Richard:                                [00:11:06]               Everything kind of everything defines you. And I had a little bit of career add probably for the first 20 years of it or so, or not quite 20 years, but definitely a little bit of career add. So selling mainframes for IBM, selling cars for Ford Motor Company A. Yeah. And all those things kind of for me, and I’m talking a lot about business in a few things about what I didn’t want a career and that kind of led to know what I ended up doing most of the last 20 years.

Stephen:                             [00:11:39]               Would you, would you look back at all the different things you do and say that today Steve, I’m doing what I love or to be honest, when I was a travel writer or if I was a voiceover person or because you were doing commercials and stuff, what was, what was it that gave you the best feeling?

Richard:                                [00:11:58]               Um, well, I mean a little bit of all of it. I mean, I don’t, I don’t regret any of those stops along the way. I’ve enjoyed all of them. Um, but I love what I do now and I love the point and have a kind of being an old gray haired guy with a little bit of wisdom, uh, and uh, probably realize that every day with that little bit of wisdom that I knew less and less as I’ve gotten older and older.

Stephen:                             [00:12:25]               It’s true though. You really do know less and less in this new world, right? I mean you’re, you’re a little bit older than me, so that means you probably got computers in your high school senior year. Maybe. Maybe you were more progressive than me, but they...