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Falling Up Radio - Falling UP Radio EPISODE 38
Jenifer Madson ~ Jenifer’s Breakthrough to a New Life
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Jenifer Madson ~ Jenifer’s Breakthrough to a New Life

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Living sober has been good to Jenifer....

Jenifer's life was a mess. One late night she found herself doing anything she could to find more - more alcohol - more substances - really anything that would stop her mind.

Jenifer grew up wanting to dance and sing. She even got into dance school and sang in a band. Though the mess of her life from addictions kept getting in her way. She eventually made a call to a hot line - and they suggested she go to the house by the railroad tracks. Once she did, she has been sober ever since - for more than 33 years now.

What Jenifer realized is that she needed a breakthrough to a new life. The epiphanies came quickly. Today she is helping others find a new way to live - whether men and women that want to get sober - or executives that need coaching to "close the gap."

Listen to this insightful show as Jenifer get's real about her life.

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Jenifer's Links & Resources

Website: Next Step Sobriety https://nextstepsobriety.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nextstepsobriety