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Radical Resilience The Podcast - Pegah Kadkhodaian EPISODE 2, 30th March 2020
Solo parenting and pursuing your life's purpose with Dana Damara
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Solo parenting and pursuing your life's purpose with Dana Damara

Being a single mom of teenage girls while pursuing your heart's purpose is no easy thing.  Dana shares her story of resilience and the tools she uses to parent with grace and stay aligned with who she is.

Dana Damara is a Master Teacher and healer with Shaman roots. She began her yoga journey almost 20 years ago which has included working with prenatal women and new mothers, owning a successful yoga studio in the NW, writing and running Embody Truth Yoga School, creating Youth and Girls Elevate (a yoga program for middle and high school adolescents), facilitating Moon Circles, and leading workshops, trainings and retreats around the world. As a spiritual Ninja, walking this mystic path with practical shoes, Dana Damara is a mother, author, coach, teacher of teachers, speaker, and servant of the heart. She exudes a balance between the mystical realms and realities of motherhood.    

 She is based in Southern California, and traverses the planet, offering her wealth of knowledge and breadth of wisdom through a deeply spiritual and physically rigorous vinyasa practice. In her quest for personal evolution, she has written three books: Oms from the Mat, Oms from the Heart, and the New Feminine Evolutionary.  Her greatest teachers are her two daughters, her family, Byron Katie, Seane Corn, Louise Hay, Shiva Rea, Michael Beckwith, Janet Stone, and every student that has ever walked into her class.  

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Renowned speaker, international trainer, and resilience expert Pegah Kadkhodaian believes whole-heartedly in the transformative nature of resilience. Over the past 20 years, she’s cultivated a holistic approach to coaching, blending cutting-edge techniques and complimentary philosophies to inspire a completely new way of being in the world. By guiding clients toward their inherent gifts and inner wisdom, Pegah unlocks the profoundly resilient nature written deep within us all. 

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