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Procurement Summit Live Interviews – Part 2: Corporate Procurement Leaders
Episode 1516th August 2023 • The Procuretech Podcast: Digital Procurement, Unwrapped • James Meads
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In the second part of our series of live interviews recorded at Procurement Summit in Hamburg, Germany, we dive this time into the practitioner side of digital transformation. Discover how digital transformation and procurement tech is shaping modern procurement leadership, through the captivating stories of three great professionals who joined me in my VW camper van on the exhibition floor. Tanja Ridder,  Head of Commodity Group Procurement at ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Tanja shares her story about how she grew her career starting out as a purchasing clerk and working her way up through internal promotions. She's proof that it's possible to grow without going down the traditional university degree straight after school route. We discuss how that mix of operational and strategic experience has helped shape her career. Tanja has only been in her current role a few months, so we also explore some of the considerations for how to approach shaping a digital procurement strategy when starting a new role. Nina Bomberg, Director of Global Indirect Procurement at dormakaba Nina and I have known each other for a while and she changed jobs in September last year. Our conversation looks at her journey of starting in a greenfield role in a relatively immature procurement organisation, especially from a digitisation standpoint. Mario Bruggmann - Social Procurement Mario is based in Switzerland and is a freelance interim manager, typically taking on senior procurement & supply chain roles for a few months at a time to bridge hiring gaps or to manage special project requirements. Mario's other passion though is what he calls Social Procurement - leveraging the power of social media to both build a personal brand and also to raise awareness of the procurement profession. Through their stories, we witness the fusion of operational prowess and strategic vision, illuminating the multifaceted landscape of success in this dynamic field. As the procurement landscape continues to evolve, their experiences provide invaluable insights into shaping digital strategies and propelling the profession forward.