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202 East Asian & Functional Medicine Connections – Varga
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202 East Asian & Functional Medicine Connections – Varga

East Asian & Functional Medicine Connections

Dr. Laura D Varga, DAOM. Chapel Hill, NC. She lived on both the East and West Coasts. She worked in research at UPENN and UCSD, holds a top US degree in East Asian Medicine [EAM], DAOM [Doctorate Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine] from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. She's worked with patients since 2010. After five years practicing on my own in East Asian and then adding functional medicine, she is best at seeing the big picture - combining the holistic view of East Asian Medicine with my research background.

"I love and am in awe of nature - hiking with my dogs, sailing, swimming in the ocean. I cannot believe it took me five years to see the big picture. I have learned a lot from your guests on CBJ and wanted to give back. In East Asian Medicine mental/emotional health is inextricably linked to physical health."

A Personal Note From Laura

"Feeling sick and tired? I know what that is like! Throughout my life, I have had varying illnesses on the autoimmune spectrum that required me to reach beyond conventional, reductionistic medicine into the world of holistic medicine to heal.

From the age of 6 to 25, I had severe allergies and asthma with debilitating bronchitis each Fall. I used pharmaceuticals to mitigate my symptoms and despite seeing several allergists, eating well and exercising I did not heal. Fortunately, I was later able to recover with the help of an East Asian Medicine physician.

I have had other conditions caused by excess inflammation.

I know what it is like to have chronic and acute pain and wake up day after day feeling exhausted and achy - sort of like you have mild flu. Before earning my clinical doctorate at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, I felt adrift and alone in my healthcare. My different practitioners didn't communicate with each other and some told me that the way the other practitioner was diagnosing and treating me was useless, detrimental or wrong. I was scared because I didn't know what to do. Tests would come back normal. I was lost."

The Outdated Bifurcation of Medical Practice - Operational Connections Matter

"Everything I read on supplements seemed confusing and overwhelming (this was despite graduating with honors from an Ivy League school - the University of Pennsylvania and working for years in clinical research!).

I tried several different diets, with variable, unpredictable outcomes.

Then finally, after studying East Asian Medicine and later Functional Medicine, ah-hah, now I have the combined, comprehensive tools to see how my biomedical vulnerabilities are all connected and treat them!"

*Photo by Parker: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts - The Terracotta Army Exhibition 3-18


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Thanks, Dr. Varga, for joining us here at CBJ to review your interesting East Asian insights on the evolution of truly comprehensive medical care.

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