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52 Years of Marriage! An Interview with Dr. Ken Harris
Episode 6829th September 2021 • Love, Sex & The Hidden Agenda • Know the Self
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Marriage and relationships. In our current day and age, what is their relevance, what makes them work, and what keeps them alive and healthy? Amelía and Satya are joined by Dr. Ken Harris as they discuss these questions and get his input based on his successful 52 years of marriage. Listen as they discuss how we relate to one another through love, orgasms, and connections of the soul and what these connections tell us about ourselves.

To learn more about Dr. Ken Harris & his book on Synchronicity, visit his website.

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00:00 Intro

00:36 Interview

01:26 The poem

02:26 Dr Ken Harris

04:26 52 years of marriage

06:12 Opposites attract?

08:56 Say the things that you are withholding

12:09 How do we communicate

16:46 The good, the bad and the ugly

19:22 Denial

22:48 Generations

25:05 Values

29:28 Closing

31:00 Outro