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The Women Stereotype: Creates Friction, Insecurity, and Gender Issues [RR 567]
Episode 5671st September 2020 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Emily Chung is a proud mom of two energetic boys. She owns and operates AutoNiche, a family-friendly auto repair shop in Markham. She is a licensed Automotive Service Technician, and Automotive Writer with various publications. She also teaches in the Automotive Business School of Canada at Georgian College. Emily holds a degree from the University of Waterloo in Psychology and Business, and her previous jobs include Psychometrist and Human Resources Associate. 

She has appeared on various media including Breakfast Television, Cityline, and the Marilyn Denis Show. She is passionate about her work; together with her staff, AutoNiche’s purpose is to bring better communication and client service to the auto repair experience.

Key Talking Points:

  • Gender isn't an issue until you make it one- mindset isn’t excuse one way or another Directed away from gender and focus on the skills of any technician
  • People’s bias or judgment is on them and they can choose to believe what they believe- we can choose not to accept it for ourselves. Don’t let other people’s judgments be apart of your identity
  • Both men and women can be insecure 
  • “Priming”Saying something you want to prove it right or primed to think about it more
  • “If you enter trades as a female it’ll be hard for you and people will be biased against you..” etc then that woman will be biased to look for it. Self-fulfilling prophecy  
  • The stereotypical idea that females should be on the counter in shopsTypically women have the perception of being better communicators but the role should be based on characteristics and personality, not gender 
  • “Hiring female to fulfill quota” can be male insecurity when applying and not being hired- easy excuse to make
  • Friction in cultureEasiest and quickest difference between employees is “I’m a guy, you’re a girl” instead of diving into what the real issue/problem is
  • Take “women and men” out of your vocabulary


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