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Education On Fire - Sharing creative and inspiring learning in our schools - Mark Taylor 29th March 2021
194: Montessori Centre International with Maccs Pescatore
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194: Montessori Centre International with Maccs Pescatore

Maccs Pescatore is the CEO of Montessori Centre International (MCI), a leading provider of, and facilitator in the provision of Montessori training and education in the UK and around the world. It provides the sector’s marker of quality assurance through its Standards & Training Accreditation Review (STAR) framework. Resources are made available to parents and carers through its online hub, the Montessori Network.

MCI is part of The Montessori Group, a central hub for Montessori philosophy in the UK.

The Montessori Group also includes Montessori St Nicholas, which carries out social impact programmes and initiatives. In 2020, the charity partnered with Leeds Beckett University to create the International Montessori Institute.

Maccs trained as a Chartered Accountant with Coopers & Lybrand before moving into industry. She spent 13 years with Tate & Lyle Plc and ASR Group in the FMCG sector where she held a variety of senior finance positions in divisions in the UK and Europe.

In recent years, working alongside commercial and operational colleagues, she has combined her passion for business with her affinity for working in changing environments, being instrumental in turning around underperforming businesses, repositioning and moving organisation into new markets.


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£50,000 for the first year of a scholarship supporting Leeds Beckett Montessori degree students 

The International Montessori Institute, a centre within the Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University (LBU), has launched a scholarship programme to support the next generation of Montessori educators. The Institute was established in August 2020 and will provide the UK’s first dedicated undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Montessori education. 

Funded by the Montessori Group, the first scholarships of £2,000 each will be awarded to 25 students who are studying on the BA (Hons) Primary Education Accelerated Degree (Montessori) in the 2021/22 academic year. The relationship between the Carnegie School of Education and the Montessori Group means that further scholarships will be awarded in the future years of the partnership. 

This scholarship will be first awarded in the next academic year, with applicants to LBU able to apply for the scholarship as part of their application to the university. 

Leonor Stjepic, Chief Executive Officer of the Montessori Group said: “We are so pleased that the Montessori St Nicholas charity is able to support new teachers in this way. We hope that this funding will broaden access to higher education study for a significant number of students and in doing so, enhance the experiences of the children who will be guided and supported by the next generation of high-quality teachers. The experiences of trainees as they prepare to work in the education sector can be greatly affected by financial constraints; we want to ensure that students taking the Montessori pathway will have the best possible start to their experience with the International Montessori Institute.”

The Montessori model of education is unique in encouraging young children to learn through curiosity with an emphasis on individual progress and giving children opportunities to engage with the learning environment.  

Centre Director of the International Montessori Institute, James Archer said: “We are delighted that these scholarships will be available to support people as they study the Montessori Method at degree level. Education for opportunity, social inclusion and reconstruction is one of the four key strands of our work and we are therefore thrilled to offer these unique scholarships. The opportunities provided by these scholarships will be truly transformational to people choosing to come and study at the International Montessori Institute, and in turn they will help to transform the lives of the children they work with through their careers.

 “The BA (Hons) Education (Accelerated Degree) Montessori, gives students the opportunity to gain a full BA degree focussed on the Montessori philosophy of education. The programme prepares students for a fulfilling career working with children across primary and early years phases drawing on the Montessori method.” 

Applications are now open for BA (Hons) Primary Education Accelerated Degree (Montessori) for the 2021/22 academic year. To find more about the programme and to apply please visit: https://www.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/courses/primary-education-accelerated-degree-montessori-ba/ 

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