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Daring to be HAPPY with Lila B - Lila B 6th November 2017
24: Creating a Global Meditation Movement with Sandy Newbigging
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24: Creating a Global Meditation Movement with Sandy Newbigging


A 3-month membership to Sandy Newbigging's Calm Community!!

www.lilab.life/sandy Enter before November 15 2017 Sandy Newbigging is a specialist in meditation and mind detox, award-winning speaker, bestselling Hay House author and creator of Calmology. Sandy is passionate about meditation and believes the world would be a happier and more friendly place if more people meditated and knew inner stillness... so he's on a mission to help create a global movement of stillness through meditation. Sandy is the creator four powerful techniques - Mind Calm, Body Calm, Mind Detox and Calm Cure (collectively known as Calmology). He's also the bestselling author of six books on meditation, healing and conscious living that are inspired by his 'peace with' philosophy. Oh, and he also just happens to also be an Ishaya monk and teacher of Ascension meditation as well! His therapy and meditation work has appeared on television in more than 30 countries, he's trained practitioners in his methods from over 15 countries and he supports people from all over the world via his online membership space, the CALM Community. 
"Meditation gave me a possibility that had never been presented before. A more sane way than how I had been living.” 

Topics Mentioned:

Learn how Sandy first found success in developing the Mind Detox technique which healed the body through identifying and resolving limiting and unhealthy beliefs in the mind. 
This led to him to achieving huge international success with best-selling books and tv appearances… but it wasn’t making him happy. 
What was on offer was an opportunity to not spend my whole life trying to change my mind so I could eventually be happier but changing my relationship with my mind so I could experience peace AND my mind. 
The mind isn’t our enemy we simply haven’t been taught how to use this amazing tool in the right way.
"We are so much more than the voice in our head that sounds like us. We are so much more than the memories or future fantasies, the judgments, the imagination that’s all temporary, it comes and go but there is something within us in which that comes from."
"For me, freedom is the willingness to experience whatever happens on the spectrum of life but also be able to do it without suffering."
Peace with Philosophy = Peace with body + Peace with life
Chasing the ideal life leads us to be in conflict with life. We end up resisting stuff that doesn’t look how we are conditioned to want and we end up in conflict which causes stress, tension, dis-ease and problems in life because what you're in conflict with, you remain connected to. 
Harmony heals, conflict causes dis-ease.
When you make peace with your emotions, your thoughts and mind, your body and how it is, you instantly will have a much healthier body.