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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 24th March 2019
81: Mechanical Engineer focused on Sports Biomechanics – Alison Sheets
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81: Mechanical Engineer focused on Sports Biomechanics – Alison Sheets

Alison Sheets earned a PHD in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in sports biomechanics from UC Davis and is a researcher at Nike.

[0:30] Always been passionate in sports and now combining that with a STEM career.

[1:10] Goes into what a Biomechanics researcher does

[2:15] Why mechanical engineering over bio medical engineering – she likes things she can see and goes into what opportunities are available in the work world.

[5:15] How is important is the PHD for the research – her gymnastic coach actually had a PHD in physics. She started teaching at Ohio State University and then an opportunity opened up at Nike to do research and she moved into that position.

[8:30]} What really has Alison fired out, are all the tools now available for monitoring the bodies motion.

[10:15] Artificial Intelligence as it applies to biomechanics – pay attention in your linear algebra class.

[13:20] Getting through college – classes got very hard in college – be patient with yourself and you will learn how you learn.

[15:50] Lightening round – best advice and personal habits for success

[17:15] parting guidance – don’t be afraid to try something new

Five Days at Memorial by Sheri Fink.

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