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3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms - Rachel Nielson 9th January 2018
012: How to Stop Being Mean to Yourself: 3 of the Best Tools I Learned in Counseling
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012: How to Stop Being Mean to Yourself: 3 of the Best Tools I Learned in Counseling

Five years ago, I realized that I needed to go to counseling. I had been coping with stress and heartache through both undereating and overeating for almost ten years, and my negative thoughts about myself had become debilitating and all-consuming.

I sought treatment from an outpatient eating disorder clinic, and I fully expected my counselor to teach me how to control my eating; instead, my counselor went to the root of the problem and taught me how to control my thinking.

I learned that destructive behaviors (such as eating disorders) are part of a three-part cycle: we have a negative thought about ourselves, we then feel a negative emotion about ourselves, and we then cope with that feeling through a destructive behavior. In order to stop this cycle, we must have strategies to stop the negative self-talk that starts it all in the first place!

Whether or not you\'ve ever struggled with an eating disorder, I think this episode will benefit you. I share three of the best tools that I learned in counseling:


1) Reject \"filtered thinking\" and embrace \"big-picture thinking.\"
2) Talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend, sister, or daughter.
3) Use \"coping statements\" to help you re-center and stay calm in moments when you might spiral into despair. Here is a list to get you started!

I truly believe that almost no topic is more important for women and mothers--so I hope you will listen, and let me know what you think in the comments.

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