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Bring Your Product Ideas to Life - Vicki Weinberg EPISODE 70, 16th July 2021
Should I sell my products on Amazon?
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Should I sell my products on Amazon?

I sell my own products on Amazon. I get lots of enquiries from people wanting to start selling on Amazon and I help and work with a lot of Amazon sellers every single day.  I see a lot of people do well - but I also see people who don’t do as well and that’s why I wanted to record this episode.

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Listen in to hear me share:

  • Why Amazon Is an appealing place to sell your products (01:24)
  • The good and the bad! (01:52)
  • The types of products it’s good for (and not so good for) (05:40)
  • Selling handmade products on Amazon (08:04)
  • The importance of having a great product (12:36)
  • Free research, you can do yourself, to see if Amazon might be a good fit for your product(13:37)


FREE guide - How to Successfully Launch a Product on Amazon or Rescue One that’s Not Selling!

Blog post for this episode

How and why to validate your product ideas

How to carry out your own customer and market research

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