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Conversations for Change - Dolphin Kasper EPISODE 7, 10th February 2020
Episode #7 - Conversations for Change with Kat Trimarco
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Episode #7 - Conversations for Change with Kat Trimarco

In this episode Dolphin speaks with author, coach and professional speaker Kat Trimarco. She shares about her childhood and her early 20's where she struggled with self esteem and substance abuse and was able to guide herself through the process of healing and transformation. She now supports others in finding their way in world that can often be confusing and hard to navigate.

Dolphin and Kat explore why we get so stuck and what she discovered during her own journey and how she supports people in becoming confident empowered leaders of their own lives.

Enjoy the conversation with Kat, author of the book Self Approved which is available on amazon if you want to check it out.

If you'd like to learn more about Kat's Work or plug into any of her offerings you can find her at:


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