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11. Show Up On Time & Don’t Be a Dick: Finding Success as an Independent Artist, with Hakim Callwood
Episode 1117th February 2020 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Hakim Callwood is a 26-year old freelance illustrator/designer from Columbus, Ohio. His work ranges from painting, animation, and teaching. His long-term goal is to create self-sustaining, educational, and hands-on visual art workspaces. Hakim shares how he came to be the successful artist he is today, how art as a business came naturally to him, and how self-compassion and staying humble have taken him far in life.

What Brett asks:

  • [04:21] What was the family dynamic you grew up in?
  • [08:12] Where were those early creative sparks?
  • [10:21] Are there any ideas you can look back on that helped you get to where you are?
  • [12:45] What happened when your father passed away?
  • [16:44] How did you move past all these problems?
  • [24:20] How did you get into teaching?
  • [26:51] How did you get to understand the business of art?
  • [29:52] How much of your knowledge is intuitive or did you have teachers?
  • [37:05] What did it feel like discovering the art world?
  • [49:58] Are artists more judgmental or self-critical?

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