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025: David Shannon – 20,000 Pairs of Shoes sold this year by using his Focus that was fine-tuned in the Casino
14th September 2015 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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David is a “Mega-Seller” of Shoes. He has mastered the art of Identifying and sourcing shoes in a very short time. He credits the MM8 group and specifically Ken Kelly’s course on Shoe selling for bringing him to this level this quickly. We have a great discussion of his forays into the DVD vending machine bringing him into the Amazon world. He walks us through his model from sourcing through processing and moving into wholesale, he talks about using buyers that travel throughout the US sourcing for him, how he pays them and how the inventory gets into Amazon.





Ken Mentioned: 

MM8 Group

Ken Kelly’s Shoe Course

Inventory Lab

David’s Facebook




“Look at the big picture when looking at paying people”

“Don’t worry what others thing about what you are doing for a living, if the Paychecks aren’t bouncing, you are doing well”

Gold-NuggetGolden Nuggets: 

Look at attending a small conference (almost one-to-one) to get the help you need

Use your Unique Buyers name as the source of inventory (instead of Walmart for example)  in Inventory Lab. That way you can run reports by sourcer to help you track for payment.