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099 - The Power of a Mastermind Alliance
Episode 991st December 2019 • Assertive Radiance • Nadia Fleury | Alchemist
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Have you ever wondered what it would take to achieve a blissful life? Through the power of a mastermind, I’ve finally arrived at that place, thanks to my mentor@Pati Maez.

I recently had a spiritual experience where I saw my life as being in a sphere. In the center, there’s a propeller. I believe the meaning of life is to get through the propeller.

I see the propeller as “the rat-race,” as when we chase after time and always feeling tired.

What’s between the first half of the sphere and the propeller is not visible to the naked eye; it’s our mindset, beliefs, and stories. When caught on the blade, the person simply drifts in life. 

As I created the skincare line, it awakened my awareness of this spatial presence, but the wind kept me on the first half of the sphere. Through many epiphanies experienced with Pati, I now see that the game of life is to dare to go through the propeller. It’s challenging because it’s impossible to make it on the other side without being “chopped up” in some ways. 

What I mean here is that to become the better version of myself, I had to be willing to let go of all the stories I created that kept me rooted in the past. I also had to be ready to be coached.

I now know that I couldn’t have transformed without her help. Everybody who succeeds today received support in some ways, and the kind of help that transports you to new heights comes only when the relationship is harmonious and genuine. We need someone to help us see through because our false beliefs and fear of the unknown have a way to get the better of us, keep us anchor into the past.   

Listen in as I share how, thanks to my mentor@Pati Maez, I managed to go through the motions and experienced the bliss of a new beginning. 

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